Durable, Handcrafted, Proven Effective

I developed and tested these holdfasts with local woodworkers.  This is a traditional design that simply works!  One mallet blow and they are firmly seated; another blow on the spine and they pop right out.

Each unit is individually forged from cold rolled, low carbon steel.  These hold-fasts are ideal for use on benches with 3/4" holes.  Standard size overall height is approximately 11 inches and reach is 7 inches.  The "Tall" version overall height is approximately 13 inches allowing for clamping of thicker materials than the standard holdfast. (see comparison in photo)


As these are hand forged, some minor variation in dimensions is normal.

What the customers are saying...

"Hi David- the holdfast is great, works very well." - S.M. St Jacobs

"I received my package today. They work great, thank you for taking the time to make quality product." - A.B. WA

"Just received my pair of holdfasts in the mail, they look really great!  Nice work my friend.  Two good raps and they are tight as can be.  No holding problems at all.  Thanks for the great service and a great product." - R. A. IL

"I tried it out and it actually works!!  Its great!  Thanks much!! "- A.H. Kitchener

"I just received the holdfasts. Your work is impressive." - R.P. Windsor

 "Great items that arrived in great condition! Thank you very much, I look forward to years of service with these!" - K.W. Sacramento 

"Thanks for the holdfasts!  They arrived this morning and they're great!"  P.B. Toronto

Some customers are so happy they make videos... 

Here's George from California: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ccprbuEF3BA

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How They Work

Our resident blacksmith gives some tips on using the Amazing Holdfasts.